Sons of Guns is Back – Thank You Discovery

Not long after the tragedy in Newtown, I had a written a post about a letter I sent to the Discovery channel about a rumor I had heard about one of my favorite shows, Sons of Guns. The rumor was that Discovery was going to cancel the show in reaction to the Sandy Hook tragedy. I was both saddened and angered by that claim and took it upon myself to write a letter to Discovery sharing my thoughts on why Sons of Guns should stay on the air. Sadly, I never got a response to my letter, not even a form letter or email. But, I am happy to say that Sons of Guns is back on Discovery!

Sons of Guns is BackYou can read all about why I love Sons of Guns, right now I’m just excited to see them back on the air. The first episode kind of crapped out on my DVR for some reason, so I have to record a rerun of that. But I did enjoy the second episode on April 26. I’ll admit, I think the Solothurn anti-tank gun was the coolest part of the episode. It looks like a lot of fun to shoot. That is, of course, as long as the round actually fires. I’ll admit though, Will getting whisked off to Jordan was pretty cool, too. Not sure what that’s all about – and I guess we’ll probably never find out. But, it’s pretty wild that this guy from Louisiana would be asked by a foreign military to help them out.

As excited as I am that Sons of Guns is back, I will say I’m not crazy about one aspect of the new season: the drama with Vince. I guess we viewers will never really know all that went on between Will and Vince over the years. I can only judge by what I saw. To me, Vince bailed on Red Jacket at a time they really needed him. Loyalty is important and he broke that all because he was jealous over how Kris was getting new opportunities. But, I was happy to see him go and don’t want him back in any way. I know reality TV producers think drama helps shows do better. Take it from a fan: leave the drama out. Sons of Guns is classy and fun when that garbage isn’t going on, so please let’s not focus on it anymore. The folks at Red Jacket seem to be a good, happy family. So, let’s not talk about the one that walked out on them.

Anyway, I’m happy Sons of Guns is back on and Discovery’s Animal Planet has a new gun-themed show called Wild West Alaska. Seems a little quirky, but I’ll check it out. Have thoughts about the show? Leave your comments below.

28 thoughts on “Sons of Guns is Back – Thank You Discovery

  1. Mike on said:

    One last prediction. This bearded wonder they have in the COO position is failing to understand that his role as COO is to sign documents, hold onto the license, and get Will coffee.

    Once he finally realizes this, he will stop running around like an over caffeinated Labrador Retriever and leave to either go into business with Vince or start his own kitchen.

  2. Mike on said:

    I will hazard a bet that Vince’s return to the show had more to do with him fulfilling what remained of his contractually obligated appearances on the show than it did any firearm related business.

    I watch the show because it is marginally better than everything else. However, the more I watch, the more it becomes clear to me that Vince is the only one on there with any actual brains. Him and the other blonde guy with a mustache whose name I can’t recall.

    Everyone else on the program seems like a poser or wanna be.

  3. Mike on said:

    I truly believe the whole operation is strictly a sitcom. Granted almost everything on the Discovery Channel is staged these days, however this one is one of the most obviously staged programs they run.

  4. David on said:

    I love the show and the peeps on it hope its on for years to come!

  5. mike doty on said:

    when will the show be back on tv miss it.//

  6. J Lee on said:

    Sorry but i think kris getting with stephine was the reason he left . Because it gave kris a free pass to do stuff he was not ready for.

    • Big Steve on said:

      Agree totally

  7. Action on said:

    I actually understand why Vince left. If you recall in earlier episodes, he made it clear he gave up music and went to school for 2 years to learn the trade of gun smithing where Kris who was hired with no experience and swept floors learned the trade partially from Vince. When Kris and Stephanie became an item, She begged daddy to let Kris lead the build on a big time government contract that would greatly impact their company. Will was hesitant at first as he was about them even dating, Will decided to push Vince,his number one gunsmith aside for Stephanie, Vince saw the writing on the wall of his future moving Kris above himself. He said he dedicated his whole life for this company and for this to happen was a foolish move in so many ways and still they are paying the price.

  8. andrew on said:

    I hope they can overcome there financial issues. the last episode i saw everyone was packing up like they were going outa business. The so-com order is what hurt them. but with there reputation and experience, i hope they overcome everything and continue the awesome work they do.. i really enjoy the show.

    • I can’t believe that one order would bankrupt a company like red jacket. If they are real there is a half million dollars worth of guns in his office. Something must be going on that is not shown in their series.

  9. dw jones on said:

    Well I guess after tonight’s show all questions will be answered about it’s continuance. I liked the show and am sad for it to be cancelled. Good luck to all the folks at Red Jacket.

  10. nancy on said:

    I totally agree. I will not watch the show anymore if he remains a part of it. I’m a woman and the stupid mandrama is a drain.

  11. MadMac on said:

    Maybe I was watching a different show when Will started treating Vince like a jerk the second the ever annoying Chris started seeing his daughter. I quit watching the show when Vince left. I read where the LLC listing shows others on the show including Vince as the actual owners of Red Jacket. I also got tired of hearing Will trying to talk like Louisiannas John Wayne.

  12. Nick Barber on said:

    What’s up With The Shop (Will) Being Broke! Something about Barrels? Or more too it! I guess we gotta watch! It seems like a show would b a Business Boost! I dnt own a gun! But more Laws won’t help! The people like sandy and most of other shootings had Clean records!! If every one was able to carry a firearm! There wouldn’t b anymore sandy School shootings! Or b very minimal ! More Laws only Crimnals will b Armed!! Fact is a Fact ! Records dnt keep people from killing Others!! They just Sick People who will burn in Hell! Why take that chance even if ur a Non Believer! But I hope show stays on and they Prosper! Violence sucks ! But it Happens! People shld hve RGHT to b Armed to Gills if they want!

    • Mr. Lincoln on said:

      What is this about the new episode Friday? Will says that they are closing up shop, that they are done, and says something about letting half of the staff go and tells the cameraman to get the F*** out of his face. Are they really going out of business?

  13. Remember, Will and Stefanie Hayden lost their ATF license a couple of years ago. (I don’t know if it was ever given back) Guess who formally held the license? VINCE! So, what in the world is going on we may never know. i suspect that the show made an “arrangement” with Vince, even though I believe someone else came in as a holder of the ATF license.

    AnyWho…it stinks! Vince looks like his mother has been force-feeding him or there have just been way to many trips to Colonel Sanders. This show CAN exist without all this drama, but all of us just continue to watch anyway. Probably because of Stephanie, who is adorable. At least on the show.

    I don’t think much is real at Red Jacket. Maybe someday the jerk Will Hayden will just tell all. Half of us know the story anyway.

    • A Gun Guy on said:

      I’m not sure where you get your information. But you don’t get an ATF license to sell firearms. To sell firearms in the U.S., you need a Federal Firearms License or FFL.

      Anyway, as for Vince, hey maybe it’s all for show. But last night he was a complete jerk (and that’s putting nice). He showed no class in dealing with Will and that just confirms to me how glad I am that he is gone. I hope we don’t see him again on the show.

      As for all of us watching the show, I watch it for the cool guns, mostly. Like that frankengun Will built on the show last night. Now that’s some awesome stuff!

      • Shoot Straight on said:

        Gotta say I strongly disagree. I would be up a wall if someone gave the biggest contract in company history to a complete inexperienced half wit like Kris all because daddy’s little girl asked him to “roll the dice”. Not even stopping there but when Kris DOES fail, they throw Vince completely under the bus to pick up the pieces, and when he does clean up Kris’ mess he cant even get a hand shake. Its pretty garbage what Will did to Vince.

        You can only shit on people so much for so long before they flip up two birds and pack up….

        • Shoot Straight on said:

          Kris should of never been involved with that project past packing up the weapon for shipping and cleaning the damn thing…

          • Mike on said:

            I have noticed that they really don’t let him do much beyond watching them work hehehe

  14. Terry Miller on said:

    I met Stephine and Kris at the retail store and they were as nice and approachable as could be . Great people !!

  15. Henry on said:

    I LOVE this show and I would be very angry to see it cancelled because of the drama unfolding in the US concerning gun control … Being Canadian, I prefer assault riffles and these types of weapons controlled … But these are artists of a their own kind and I believe that the information the American public gets from these shows are just too important to hide. Reality Television from a different realty then my own will keep us watching on a world-wide scale …

  16. Jimmy on said:

    love your comment!!! I couldn’t have said anything better than that. totally in 110% percent agreement!!

  17. MalcolmW on said:

    Agree about Vince and hope American Guns/Gunsmoke will come back as well.

  18. David J Phillips on said:

    My Cousins Dad is the president of Discovey Channel no bs!

    • Mr. Lincoln on said:

      Wouldn’t that be your Uncle?

      • Timmmmy on said:

        Ha ha someone knows genealogy unlike my mums mum and his dads brother!.

        • Timmmmy on said:

          Oh yeah,Will is a total joke. If he worked in the UK they wouldn’t let him be in charge of a fireworks shop. I sadly still watch the show though and love it. What can I say…. humans are weird.

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