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Not sure if you intended to visit or just stumbled on our little site, but no matter what the case we’re glad you’re here. This website is all about information, education and history of guns, ammo and anything related to either. Whether you know nothing about firearms or you’ve got a small arsenal of your own, we think there’s something here for anyone with an interest in all things that shoot.

From basic information like what bullet caliber means to understanding the different parts of a gun and how rifles got their name – we’ve got all the info here. We’re still filling out the sections and getting all the details, but you gotta start somewhere. So, jump on in and see what you might learn today.

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A Take on the 2nd Amendment – From a 14 Year-Old

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One thought on “A Take on the 2nd Amendment – From a 14 Year-Old

  1. Jim on said:

    There are 4 words in the 2nd amendment that make it impossible, illegal and unconstitutional for anyone, including Congress and or the President to ban or do away with the 2nd amendment. Those 4 words, “shall not be infringed” make this impossible.
    Right now the government is operating illegally by making people file paperwork to buy a firearm and making you pay for a background check. This is an infringement on your 2nd amendment rights.
    The government restricting different types of firearms and magazines you can have is aninfringement on your 2nd amendment rights.
    The use of the ATF, Alcohol, tobacco and firearms, police force is an illegal arm of the government. They are an infringement on your 2nd amendment rights. There is nothing in the constitution that allows any type of police force to whatch over firearms.
    The restriction of having to have a tax stamp to own a machine gun is an infringement on your 2nd amendment rights.
    All laws, rules and regulations and case code the government uses are also illegal and unconstitutional. They are all an infringement on our 2nd amendment rights.
    We the People are allowed to have anytype of firearm we desire including any type of firearm that the military posses. This means that you can have, if you can afford the price, a military tank, rocket launcher with rockets, Anything that any military has,we the people are aslo allowed to have.
    If the government were to try to amend the 2nd amendment, that would be an infringement on our 2nd amendment rights.
    If the government were to abolish the 2nd amendment, that would also be an infringement on our 2nd amendment. The government can do nothing to change the 2nd amendment. The forefathers were very smart in adding those 4 words, shall not be infringed, so that it could never be changed. They did not do this to any of the other amendments, only the 2nd amendment like they like they could see into the future and knew something like this might happen.

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