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8 thoughts on “Sons of Guns Season 5 – More Drama or More Guns?

  1. Rina on said:

    In SA season 4 is running. I agree with all the above. Since I saw Chris on the show the 1st time I knew he was a problem. He was this yes boss no boss guy. Since he married into the family this completely changed. Now he wants to be the boss. I cannot stand that laugh of him. He is the problem and Will does not see this. Take him and his wife out of the picture and the show could be what it was in 1st and 2nd season. Please watch the show Tree Master and see how these people work together. And the “boss” always has a good word for his staff. Always complementing them and you can see they are a happy team. Please just take Chris of the show and it might turn around.

  2. GingerJenniRed1 on said:

    When this show first aired, I was excited to finally watch a dedicated crew that appeared to be like family in gun smithing & builds! As well as a show about a Marine’s who built his business. Then business of a reality show has turned it into a drama of who’s balls are the biggest! I have a lot of respect for Will & Joe. Kris on the other hand needs a lesson in life that just bc you’ve married a Will’s daughter, it doesn’t make you anything more than her husband & son-n-law! He has ruined the show with his bs tantrums, chest pounding antics of trying to be a bad ass. Kris is in need of a different career path, away from the show. He needs to be removed from the business & show, RJ would fair better off with out him! He needs to be on the real housewife bitches of Louisiana, his behavior & mood swings would best fit a role in that type of reality bs!

  3. Eugene Ken Alvarez on said:

    1ST season was great and after that you could feel the show go down hill . I feel now its like a joke, too bad !!The producers tell these guys to act witty or colorfull ,these people can’t do that , it was better when they let them be their selves, no jr.high school drama needed. The sad thing is they will never learn, just saying

  4. .chris on said:

    I have watched every season. Last year was a bad soap opera . this season is to unbearable to watch . The brown nose Kris is a mess he really don’t know his rear end from a hole in the ground. Will over acts too much and just like most of these shows the producers have totally ruined a fun show.

  5. Tim Donaldson on said:

    When the show began I watched every episode and was very pleased. Then when a particular gun build was related to how big the exploding target exploded, I felt that the show had become less about gunsmithing and gun facts and more about building audiences. Duck Dynasty began as a duck hunting show on the Outdoor Channel and was quite good. Now shows are not on the Outdoor Channel and never about duck hunting. Phil Roberson is successful but I think he does have regrets.

  6. Neale Osborn on said:

    I agree totally!!

  7. G. Carr on said:

    Watching with the same hopes an expectations as G&A…

    • K.U on said:

      Chris is gonna ruin that she in my opinion he is stupid and acts like a little B@#$H

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