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Not sure if you intended to visit or just stumbled on our little site, but no matter what the case we’re glad you’re here. This website is all about information, education and history of guns, ammo and anything related to either. Whether you know nothing about firearms or you’ve got a small arsenal of your own, we think there’s something here for anyone with an interest in all things that shoot.

From basic information like what bullet caliber means to understanding the different parts of a gun and how rifles got their name – we’ve got all the info here. We’re still filling out the sections and getting all the details, but you gotta start somewhere. So, jump on in and see what you might learn today.

Latest Articles

Sons of Guns Cancelled After Star’s Arrest

If you have visited this website before, you probably know all to well about my love and then hate of the Discovery Channel’s show “Sons of Guns”. That … more

A Take on the 2nd Amendment – From a 14 Year-Old

For any firearms enthusiast, the 2nd Amendment is very precious to us. Not that it’s more important than any other Amendment to the Constitution, but it’s one of … more

Bleeding Zombie Targets – A Whole New Level of Fun to Target Shooting

For every gun owner, target shooting is a great way to help improve your accuracy. However, taking time for target shooting is more important than just improving your … more

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